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Accelerating Feminist Movement towards Generation Equality: CSOs’ Plea and Plan”

Published On - March 10 2020

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BBC has been organizing consultations annually on the priority theme of the UN Commission of Status of Women (CSW) and advocating for gender equality at the local, national, regional and to the global level by participating in the annual UN and NGO CSW sessions. It has been publishing and disseminating the UN CSW session's reports inclusive of the outcome document in English and Nepali language jointly with the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (now Senior Citizen) since the 59th CSW session being in the Nepal Government delegation.

This parallel event is organized jointly by Beyond Beijing Committee Nepal, CPDE- Feminist Group, Nepal, Asia Pacific Women Watch and Economic Security 4Women. The event will be chaired by the H.E. Amrit Kumar Rai, Chief of the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations (TBC). In the event a set of outcome document of the Beijing + 25 National Review in Nepal will also be lunched:

  1. B+25 National Review National Parallel Report (English) & B+25 National Review National Parallel Report (Nepali)
  2. The Feminist Position Paper (English) -The Feminist Position Paper (Nepali)
  3. Advocacy brief of Seven Provinces: “Accelerating Feminist Movement Towards Generation Equality: Pleas and Plans of CSOs in Nepal” (English and Nepali)

The event focuses on sharing the pleas and plans of Women CSOs’ for accelerating feminists’ movement so as to speed - up

BPfA implementation in different regions and different countries for achieving Generation Equality. Recommendations drawn from the event will be used to develop Feminist Women Movement (FWM) Action- plan for achieving Generation Equality at the national and at the regional level. 


  1. Accelerating the feminist movement towards Generation Equality- Ms. Violet Shivutse, Chairperson, Huairou Commission
  2. Accelerating the feminist movement towards Generation Equality in the Region: CPDE- FG and APWW’s plans - Dr.Nurgul Djanaeva, APWW Chairperson and CPDE-FG Global Coordinator, and Chairperson, Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan
  3. Accelerating Feminist movement towards Generation Equality in Australia: Plans of Australian CSOs - Dr. Carole Shaw,APWW ECM and Economic Security 4 Women Chairperson
  4. Plan and programs of Karuna Trust, Germany/UK for achieving Gender Equality, Women and Girls EmpowermentAmoghamati Susanne Traud-Dubois, Programme Manager, Karuna Trust
  5. Accelerating Feminist movement in the Asia-Pacifi c Region’s countries for achieving Generation Equality: Plans and program of ARROW- Ms. Sivananthi Thanenthrian, Executive Director, ARROW
  6. How can we nurture feminist consciousness amongst Adolescence Girls and youths so as to accelerate feminist movement towards Generation Equality: Plans of GAA/ Plan International - Erin Helfert Moesse, Consultant of GAA (TBC)
  7. Pleas and Plans of Women CSOs’ for accelerating feminists’ movement in Nepal: Ms. Sanila Gurung, Program Manager, Beyond Beijing Committee and Youth Advocate of SRHR and SheDecides
  8. Moderate by Shanta Laxmi Shrestha, Chairperson, Beyond Beijing Committee, Convener of WMG-SDN, EC member APWW and Member of CPDE-FG and Member of CPDE -Asia CCM.

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